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My ultimate goal is to work within a scientific discipline known as geobiology. Geobiology is the study of how physical environments affect life and conversely how life affects environments. This has applications across a wide variety of personal research interests and my current occupation.

I am currently enrolled in the Physical Science A.S. program at HACC in York, Pennsylvania with a GPA of 3.42. Upon completion of this phase of my education I plan to transfer to Millersville University of Pennsylvania to continue my studies in their Environmental Geology program with a minor in Biology.

Areas of Particular Academic and Research Interest


I have worked in the blasting and explosives industry for over 23 years. I also have a passion for space science and exploration. Any real effort humanity makes to inhabit other worlds will require new and specialized technologies for accessing and harvesting the natural resources found there. Working with explosives in these environments will require highly specialized products, methods, and regulations.


In the years I have worked in the blasting and explosives industry I have developed a keen interest in several areas of study, such as: focusing of seismic and air pressure waves, the effect of blasting vibration and gasses on wetlands and other wildlife, vibration frequency decay rates and their application in improved prediction equations, and the development of new blasting agents from mined materials.


I am very interested in understanding how environments recover and life is re-established following natural catastrophic events, such as floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. This also has application to understanding the recovery of environments following disturbance from mining activities. This area of study includes understanding the adaptation of species in radically changing environments, such as sudden changes in ocean salinity, wide-ranging temperature fluctuations, and excessively wet and dry periods.


I love to travel, vacation, and explore, so as I think about humanity heading out into the solar system for extended periods of time, I recognize that those intrepid souls will lack one essential thing I believe humans need: the opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge in environments that approximate earth environments. That will be hard to do in places where there are no beaches, hiking trails, and fresh air. I believe an integral part of long-term human survival on a world such as Mars will require adequate opportunities to recreate. This can incorporate studies that involve developing self-sustaining, functional, closed ecological environments that also provide essential support to any greater habitation infrastructure that is constructed.

Academic Papers, Articles, and Presentations
Education​ and Training Already Completed
Clarion University of Pennsylvania



Started a double-major program consisting of a combination of Chemistry and Technical Theater. While in school I was able to begin an apprenticeship in the explosives industry and obtained my state blasting certification in 1996. This alone fulfilled the first major requirement needed for my goal of working in the special effects industry.


C-1 Professional Driving School



In 2000 I temporarily moved to Indianapolis, IN to attend a school to obtain my CDL-A for commercial driving. This is a second requirement for working with explosives and other hazardous materials. I completed the training in the same year. 


Chippewa Valley Technical College Professional Defensive Driving Program



Following completion of my CDL-A training in Indianapolis I went to work in Marshfield, WI to work for a company hauling freight nation-wide. Job qualification required completion of a defensive driving and skid pad course at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. Training was successfully completed in the same year.

Harrisburg Area Community College

2019 - Present

Currently enrolled in the Physical Science A.S. Program at H.A.C.C. This is a transfer associate program intended to provide all the necessary requirements to transfer to Millersville University of Pennsylvania's Environmental Geology Program where I plan to minor in Biology. Projected completion date is Spring 2022.

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